Kraiker's Baker

Reflector Oven designed by Rolf Kraiker

The photo at right shows an assembled Reflector Oven. This is our original unit that we've been using on trips since 1983.

It has stood the test of time quite well.

Click on photo at right to see a larger view.

Click here to see a view of the oven colapsed for packing

see notes at bottom of page

The plans


Assembly details

Cooking plate
Wire frame

The photos

Hinge details
Folded unit
Detail of top cover
Front view of unit
Internal details

Copyright notice
This is oven is my own design. I'm offering the plans on a "shareware" basis. This is my contribution to the paddling community and I'm pleased to share the design. Feel free to pass on this information to anyone you'd think is interested as long as it's done in the same spirit I'm offering here - FOR FREE. I do NOT grant permission to use this design to produce commercial units for sale.

The assembly drawing included elsewhere is not to scale and should only be used as a reference to put the pieces together.

The component drawings are to scale, but they've been reduced on the web pages to make viewing easier. If you download the graphics with a right mouse click (Windows) or hold down the mouse click (Mac), you can save the files to your computer and print them. The components are all too large to fit on a standard letter-size piece of paper, so you may wish to print several sections and piece the complete compenent together to use as a template.

The metal for the oven is the same type of aluminum used by electronic hobbyists who like to build radio chassis from scratch. Electronics departments in schools or sheet metal shops may be a good source for the metal.

A pair of tin snips, a bench vice and hammer are the only tools necessary. Access to sheet metal cutting and bending equipment or a metal bandsaw would be helpful.