The Thelon River ~ The Barrenlands

Day by day journal of the trip begining July 14, 1994

(see also our 2001 Thelon Trip at this link)

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The photos and journal found here describe the adventures of three adults accompanied by three young children as they undertook a 500 kilometer, three week canoe trip in the remote arctic tundra called the Barrenlands in Canada's North West Territories. Encounters with wildlife like wolves, caribou and muskox were a daily occurence. The historic remains of the mysterious and tragic Hornby expeditition were examined along the way. Ancient archeological sites were explored.

The participants

Rolf Kraiker
Trip organizer, multi-discipline canoe instructor, cinematographer, husband, father.

Debra Kraiker
Multi-discipline canoe instructor, high school teacher, nutritional expert, still photographer, wife, mother

Kyle Kraiker
age eight - bow paddler

Brendan Kraiker
age five - bow paddler

Herb Mayr
Long time paddling friend, canoe instructor, high school phys ed teacher, father

Mat Mayr
age thirteen, keen outdoors person - bow paddler

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